924/944/968 – Where To Find Information


If you're interested in finding out information regarding the 924/944/968 series of cars, the Internet provides a wealth of information. The problem is that it can be difficult to sort through all this information in order to find what you're looking for (as of October 2003, a Google search for Porsche 924/944/968” returns more than 100,000 hits).

I've put this page together to help people find useful information quickly. Very little is actually hosted on this site. Instead, it is organized to point you towards sources of information.

The main sources of information for the 924/944/968 enthusiast are:


Frequently Asked Questions. This is the best place for beginners to start as 90% of all their first questions will be answered here.

Buyers' Guides

Getting ready to buy or trying to figure out what you've got, then have a look through the guides.


There are some good books on the 924/944/968 out there. Here's a list I can recommend.

Porsche Publications

Owner's Manuals, Workshop Manuals, Service Bulletins, etc.

Porsche Parts Information

Sources to find out part number information

Porsche Magazines

Porsche Magazines are a great way to keep track of the latest products and vendors for your car.


Possibly the best internet resource for finding and sharing information are the online forums. Forums are places where people can discuss topics of interest. Typically the way they work is that someone posts a question or a message (known as a thread) and folks respond by replying to the thread.

Fan Sites

These are sites put together by 924/944/968 aficionados. There's probably thousands of them out there. I've listed ones that I believe are worth a look.

Technical Sites

These are a special form of fan-site. They have been created by some very knowledgeable folks and they contain very detailed technical knowledge on the 924/944/968 series of cars. How-to, procedures, specifications, etc. have been documented. These sites are invaluable and are a terrific resource for the enthusiast.

Road Tests

At some stage, everyone likes to know how their car performs. I've compiled a summary of the road tests at this link. You can usually get a copy of the actual article by going to your local library or by purchasing a Brooklands Books compilation.


Trying to find parts for your car? Here's a list of suppliers