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Get your information from the most authoritative source of all – Porsche:

Owner's Manuals

Every owner should have one.

Workshop Manuals

For when you want to do serious maintenance or repair on your car.

Alternatives to the
Workshop Manuals

If you're interested in more simple DIY work.

Service Information Books

Service bulletins not included in the workshop manuals.

Technical Information Books

Interesting background information on new models when introduced.


Porsche Elektronischen Teilekataloges” - Porsche-parts database with exploded diagrams on CDROM.


Where to get them.

Owner's Manuals

An essential item for all 924/944/968 owners, but you'd be amazed at how many of them don't have one. Luckily, you can still get owner's manuals for virtually all 924/944/968 models. The typical cost is $25-$30 each. Rather than exhaustively list each one, go to the suppliers listed below to find the correct version for your car.

Workshop Manuals

Very good but expensive ($200-$500/set) and aimed at the professional mechanic. Unfortunately, it seems that Porsche has discontinued these manuals though some suppliers may have “new old stock” (NOS). You'll often find copies (including illegal bootleg versions on CDROM) for sale on eBay.

Porsche organizes its workshop manuals in layers. The workshop manuals for the later cars are built on top of workshop manuals for the earlier cars. The advantage of this method is that Porsche only has to publish information specific to a new model when it comes out. The disadvantage is that owners of later model cars often have to spend a lot of money to get a complete set of workshop manuals for their car.

Here's the list of workshop manuals for the 924/944/968 series of cars:

WKD 4815.21

924 - except the 924S

WKD 4817.21

924 Turbo (also requires WKD 4815.21 for a complete set)

WKD 4818.21

924S, 944, 944S and 944S2. Porsche recommends that you have WKD 4815.21 for a complete set but most folks find that they don't need it.

WKD 4822.20

944 Turbo (also requires WKD 4818.21 for a complete set)

WKD 4828.20

968 (also requires WKD 4818.21 for a complete set)

Alternatives to the Workshop Manuals

If you have a specific job, but you don't want to spend the money for the workshop manuals, you could try one of the following:

Haynes Manuals

For simple DIY jobs on the 924, 924 Turbo and 8v 944 cars. Does not cover specific issues for the 944S, 944S2 or 944 Turbo cars.

924/944/968 Technical Sites

These sites have many documented procedures online.

Service Information Books

These books typically contain service bulletins not yet included in the workshop manuals (e.g. PCNA Technical Bulletin, Group 4, Number 9303, 09/28/1993 says that new caster eccentrics, rear mounts and nuts must be installed when fitting 17" wheels on a 944). Rather than buy each book separately (more than 20 published), you can buy CDROMs (~$60/each) with the information as follows:


Technical Bulletins up to 1994


Technical Bulletins 1995 - 2001

Technical Information Books

These books are printed as an introduction to a new model when it comes to market. They are cheap (~$10/each) and provide interesting background information. The publications of relevance to 924/944/968 owners are:

WKD 4953.21

Technical Introduction of the 1989 944 & 944 Turbo

WKD 4973.21

Technical Introduction of the 1990 944 Cabriolet

WKD 4988.21

Technical Introduction of the 1994 968


CDROM with all technical introductions published up to 2002.

PET - “Porsche Elektronischen Teilekataloges”

This CDROM database contains the complete parts list with exploded diagrams for all Porsche models going back to the 356. It's only available to Porsche dealers but I wish Porsche would make it available to the public as it's a very useful reference. You'll often find people selling bootleg copies on eBay but you should note that these are illegal to buy or use if you are not a Porsche dealer.


Porsche Dealer (US)

All of the manuals above should be available from dealers in the US. I'm not sure what the situation is in other countries.

9X Auto

General Porsche parts supplier. Click here for their list of manuals.

MY Porsche

Specializing in Porsche manuals.

Pelican Parts

General Porsche parts supplier. Click here for their 924/944/968 technical documentation including Porsche manuals.