924/944/968 Buyers' Guides


Before starting on your quest to buy a 924/944/968, read through the FAQs to prepare yourself. Then read the following guides to help you thought the act of purchasing the car.

Buyers' Guides

Bill Underwoods' 944 Buyers' Guide

Bruce Anderson's 944 Turbo Buyers' Guide

Clark Fletcher's Buyers' Guide

David Sims' Buyers' Guide

Grassroots Motorsports' Profile of the 944

Hartech's Buyers' Guide

Michael Van Bibber's 924/944/968 Buyers' Guide

Peter Morgan's 944 and 968 Ultimate Buyers' Guide

Piston Heads 944 Buyers' Guide

Road & Track Guide


924 Garage – Models and History

For those interested in the 924.

PCA Presentation on the 924/944/968

Presented by Bill Burris of the PCA Technical Committee.

The Watercooler

See the “History” section on their home-page.